November 17th, many years ago, Sharon Fogaren was born. A lot of harm might come my way if I say what year it was, and I still can't believe 5 years ago in September we lost her, but just wanted to take a moment, celebrate who she was for a second, and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Sharon really was a great friend, both on and off the air. I considered her to be a big sister that was very helpful in giving advice, and also laughing a bunch of times whenever the situation presented itself.

She really was a witty woman. A lot of times, she would catch me off guard with the things she'd say on the air, but it was always funny listening back to old cassettes of the morning show, yeah it was that long ago. She would always make me laugh, especially goofing on J.R., and I miss that from time to time.

On my desk at home, I keep a small framed picture of J.R., Sharon, and I from our cruise back in 2004, and it catches my eye every so often. That morning show will flash before my eyes, and I recall old moments that still put a smile on my face today, because it was that funny.


Happy Birthday Sharon. I still miss our funny conversations at the 99 Restaurant, and sisterly advice you used to give me. Your laugh is burned into my memory banks, in a good way, and I know you're looking down on FUN 107 with a huge Sharon smile.

Here's a Sharon Flashback for you if you missed hearing her voice. Take a listen below.

Learning How To Kiss