These five guys have been working their butts off for a few years now. They deserve an absolute hit with their new song "What Am I."

If who they wrote with is any indication of whether this song will do well, then they are set up to go all the way with this song. The boys of Why Don't We teamed up with hitmaker and songwriter Ed Sheeran for this song. Producer Steve Mac is given credit on this song as well.

In case this is the first time hearing about Why Don't We, here is the rundown of who makes up this boy band:

– Jack Avery from Burbank, California
– Corbyn Besson from Dallas, Texas
– Zach Herron from Dallas, Texas
– Jonah Marais from Stillwater, Minnesota
– Daniel Seavey from Vancouver, Washington

Each member is in his 20s, believe it or not, and all had been working on solo careers before they formed in 2016.

They have put out several EPs as a band and have been hitting the pavement promoting themselves, building their fan base, and spending time with their already hardcore loyal fans.

They have been plugging away for a few years now. They just need the right song. Is "What Am I" the song that will catapult these heartthrobs to another level?

Take a listen to the song and then get to voting! Is this song wicked good, or totally whack?

It definitely has those end-of-summer vibes, doesn't it? Alright, super fans, time to get these guys added to the playlist. I would also love your thoughts on whether you think these guys will stick together or do you think they will all go off and have solo careers?

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