This is the question that's overwhelmed my thoughts since I first moved to the SouthCoast.

Wegmans grocery stores operate primarily in the Northeastern United States, including in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and some parts of Massachusetts. The chain has developed almost a cult-like following of shoppers over the years, and as one of those who became loyal to the Wegmans brand during my time living in Central New York, I'm shocked that the SouthCoast hasn't picked up at least one of these stores yet.

Currently, the closest locations to the SouthCoast are over an hour north, in either Westwood or Natick.

Kari/Townsquare Media

My boyfriend and I recently made a trip to the Natick location. After finding out it was a two-story supermarket, we just had to check out this masterpiece for ourselves. Complete with a shopping cart escalator, its very own bar and restaurant, and an entrance to the Natick Mall, this Wegmans was intense.

Kari/Townsquare Media

Now I'm not saying a location on the SouthCoast would need all these fancy amenities, but from Dartmouth, Fall River, and Westport to New Bedford, Fairhaven and beyond, surely Bristol County deserves at least one Wegmans store.

What do you think? Would you rejoice if Wegmans decided to expand into the SouthCoast, or do you think there are already enough grocery stores in the region? Let us know by sending us a message with your thoughts inside the Fun 107 app.

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