There's no easy way to put this, but the "Honest Sally" sign on 195 is the most mind-bending message I've ever encountered and I'm absolutely stumped.

About five weeks ago, I noticed the sign but didn't pay too much attention to it. Located just before the Penniman Street exit in New Bedford on the overpass of Shawmut Ave, it's a pretty large sign that's difficult to miss.

From a distance, it almost appears to be some type of ad for a business, but when you get right up to it, the words "Honest Sally" become clearer. It's difficult when you're driving 65-70 miles per hour past it.

Now, I will tell you that if you clicked on this article in search of an answer, I'm afraid I'm fresh out of them at the moment. However, here's what I've researched so far and discovered from the puzzle pieces and info we are given from the sign:

  • This is the only sign on 195 that I've seen traveling between Wareham and Providence and it's on both sides of the highway to be seen traveling both westbound and eastbound.
  • "CONTACT MIKE" = @mkfish04 and yes I've tried it and still got nowhere on:
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat
    • Plenty of Fish
    • (where I failed terribly since it doesn't use nicknames)
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Reddit
  • "HONEST SALLY" could also be a username on the websites listed above, but no cigar (even as one word, HONESTSALLY and HONEST_SALLY)
  • This person must live close by, or perhaps "Sally" passes by that overpass to commute to work.

The closest thing I've found to any sort of answer is an Instagram user who goes by HonestSally, but has yet to reply and appears to live out in Colorado. However, perhaps she had some family out this way and met this Mike guy online while in the area.

Could this possibly be a missed connection like the Craigslist adds? Which by the way, I checked every single keyword on Craigslist and came up with nothing – even in the sketchy sections. Perhaps Mike got stood up, got his heart broken, or maybe even screwed up somehow. There are so many possibilities, yet zero leads.

At this point, I could call around to the local printing companies and see if they're able to give out any info without tarnishing any confidentiality rules or regulations, but it's a long shot that's going to take some time and research.

If anyone knows anything about these mysterious banners on 195, please contact me at or shoot us a message on the Fun 107 app. There are thousands of people who pass that area daily, and someone must have the missing puzzle piece to all of this.

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