We talked this morning about how excited Dr. Anthony Fauci was to have Brad Pitt portray him this past weekend on SNL at Home. Who could blame him? How cool is it to have someone like Brad Pitt play you on TV?

I brought up the topic of who would be good matches to play each of us, so we decided to each pick actors who would play each other if there were ever a Fun 107 movie.

I started off with Christine. I've been watching a show for the past couple of weeks, and every time I see one of the characters on the show, she reminds me so much of Christine, especially when she was in her 20s. Fans of Ozark will be familiar with the savage character of Ruth (which could conceivably be short for "Ruthless"). Ruth's curly blond hair and stinging, yet strikingly soft personality – particularly when she's dealing with Wyatt – reminds me a whole lot of Christine.

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We then turned to Gazelle. Again, we tapped another Netflix blockbuster for the actor that could play The Rock and Fox Show producer in the Fun 107 movie. David Harbour, who plays the big, bearded lumberjack-like sheriff from the wildly popular show Stranger Things, is the perfect fit. While Harbour is significantly older than the 32-year-old Gazelle, we thought the resemblance was too strong to pass up. Not only does Harbour have that same big teddy bear type of look, but he also has that burly look of a guy that likes to lift heavy things and drink beer.

As far as who would play me in a Fun 107 movie, Christine said that it should be a Boston-based actor. I suggested Adam Sandler, who is technically not a Boston guy, but he's from New Hampshire, so close enough. Christine wasn't feeling it. She was thinking more of Ben Affleck. She dismissed Matt Damon. Then, she thought Casey Affleck might be an even better representation than his brother.

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