Happy Gilmore fans, it’s really happening. Happy Gilmore 2 is coming.

Beloved actor, Adam Sandler, broke the news recently and gave some insight on the upcoming project.

Some of the production will take place on the East Coast. Does that mean the comedian will venture to Massachusetts?

Sandler was a special guest on The Dan Patrick Show last week and the highly anticipated sequel was a topic.

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Adam Sandler Confirms Happy Gilmore 2

Christopher McDonald, also known as Shooter McGavin from the first Happy Gilmore, spilled the beans about the sequel on a separate podcast, leading Sandler to answer Patrick’s question on whether or not Happy Gilmore 2 was a real thing.

“(McDonald) texted me after the fact (and said), ‘By the way, that thing you told me not to talk about, I talked about it,'” Sandler said.

The cat was out of the bag and Sandler shared some details on the sequel.

“We are working on it. Me and (Tim) Herlihy are diligently trying to make a good reason for everyone to come and watch and have a good time,” he said. “Netflix is excited about it.”

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When Fans Can Expect Happy Gilmore 2

When will the gang get back together? Sandler shared that after production wraps on his latest project in London, production for the sequel will be in full swing in the States.

“We have a million ideas already. We've just got to make it a movie,” he said. “We love Happy Gilmore. We don’t want to let anybody down. We've got to get the script done, then we've got to start shooting. We’re going to be shooting on the East Coast.”

Happy Gilmore 2 to Film on the East Coast

Will production take place in Massachusetts? It's not far-fetched. Even though Sandler is from New Hampshire, he seems to have a love affair with Massachusetts. He often wears Boston-based sports gear in his films, and let's not forget his trip to Wareham when production took place at Water Wizz for Grown Ups.

Happy Gilmore was filmed at a golf course in Canada, but Sandler has seemingly singled out the East Coast for the sequel.

Leading Courses says there are 289 golf courses in or near Massachusetts, and according to Golf Digest, The Country Club in Brookline ranks No. 1 for the best golf course in the state. A little closer to home is the Old Sandwich Golf Club in Plymouth, ranking No. 3 on the list.

Key takeaways from Sandler's Interview: The sequel is coming to Netflix, production will begin as soon as Sandler returns home, and production is coming to the East Coast.

The iconic "Happy Swing" returns.

If Sandler decides to venture to the Bay State, even better.

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