One of my favorite actors who happens to also be very funny, Ryan Reynolds, is weighing in on the whole Peloton TV ad controversy:

Honestly? I think this can only help Monica Ruiz and her career. It was definitely a genius move by Ryan to capture the attention from the whole Peloton thing for his gin company, Aviator. He also did a nice thing for Miss Ruiz while he was at it.

Adam Sandler was hanging out on the Ellen show as she celebrates the holidays with her audience and viewers, and she, of course, wanted to talk about his famous song "The Hanukkah Song."

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@AdamSandler is here tomorrow with a favor to ask.

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And Selena Gomez gives us details on exactly what she wants in a guy when she's ready to start dating again. She was giving out dating advice with the help of Jason Derulo during an interview. Jason, who stars in the upcoming film Cats, asked Selena for advice on how to ask someone on a date.

Selena responded by saying she likes group situations and finds that's what makes her comfortable. She did admit she hasn't had the easiest time finding love. I'm wondering if now that Selena knows Jason was pretending to "ask for a friend" if that piques her interest in him. After all, he is in a circle of friends that she already knows. He is starring in the movie Cats with Taylor Swift this month. Jason also nearly broke the internet last month with a certain photo that Selena may have seen.

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