The McFlurry spoon: mystery debunked, Lucky Charms is going full marshmallow and a U.K. start-up company has created the most amazing bionic limbs!

Lucky Charms Cereal

General Mills have announced that they will be releasing boxes of Marshmallow only boxes of Lucky Charms – ya know, for people who need even more sugar in their lives. Like me. The catch is this – there are only TEN boxes being released! To be one of the lucky 10, you have to share an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook photo of yourself with General Mills with the hashtag #Luck10Sweepstakes.

Wonder no more because we’ve got the answers – people often think the spoon for McFlurries doubles as a straw (nope) or why there’s a hook on the top. The answer is pretty simple. When making a McFlurry, they add ice cream and toppings and then stick the spoon in the middle. The spoon then acts as a mixer when attached to the machine! MYSTERY SOLVED!

A U.K. based tech start-up has made it their mission to make children who are in need of prosthetic limbs feel like their favorite Disney and Marvel characters. Open Bionics has created limbs based on “Iron Man”, “Frozen” and “Star Wars” which are all equipped with LED lights that monitor the wearer’s muscle signals. Their mission is make bionic limbs affordable for every family and will be releasing the bionic limbs in 2016 for $500.

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