"Hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons. Pots of gold and rainbows and me red.."... Cows?!

In every box of "Magically Delicious" Lucky Charms are 8 different marshmallow shapes. Each one represents an item of luck associated with the magical world of a leprechaun. So, it made me wonder... as if Westport were made up of Monopoly game pieces, what would the 8 "shapes" be? Here's what I came up with below:

1.) Cow (They may smell, but they provide us with fresh local milk and good eats)

2.) Ice Cream Cone (Woods, Lickety Splits, Handy Hill... take your pick)


3.) Seashell (Got Beaches? Westport has several!)

4.) Ear of Corn (Acres upon acres of fields cover the town)

5.) Tractor (Whether you farm or pull for the fun of the sport)

Courtesy of Westport Diesel Performance
Courtesy of Westport Diesel Performance








6.) Beer Glass (or) Wine Bottle[debatable] (Westport Vineyards/Buzzard's Bay Brewing)

Greg Desrosiers/TSM

7.) Seagull (Most likely protected by the WRWA, so why not?)

Getty Images

8.) Sandal (Can't forget to represent the Annual Skukes)

Now let me get this straight... the new jingle would go: "Cows, Corn and Ice Cream Cones, Sandals and Seashells, Ears of corn and seagulls, and a beer (or wine) glass too!".

Yup, works for me!

#Westport 🐄