A creepy creature was spotted in New Jersey, a homemade Iron Man suit stuns at Comic Con and a lazy way to look like a professional baker!

jersey devil
David Black / NJ.com

Dave Black was driving home from Atlantic City when he saw what he thought was a llama running on a golf course. As he continued watching the “animal” as he drove, it suddenly took flight and he captured a picture with his cellphone of a creature that appears to have leathery wings, hooves and horns – which is what people have been reporting they’ve seen for hundreds of years and call the “Jersey Devil”. What do thing? Does anyone else smell a hoax?

A man took 1,600 hours to make a full scale Hulkbuster Iron Man costume as seen in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. The suit stands at 10 feet tall and weighs 95 pounds, however creator Thomas DePetrillo was able to wear it around Comic Con, stunning other attendees.

Drum-roll please for the almighty embossed rolling pin! These rolling pins have designs already etched into them and then you simply roll it over your dough so the design transfers. Then, you just need to use cookie cutters to make the perfect cookies!


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