In the quiet town of Acushnet, a registered nurse named Yanina Boshes has not only found a home but has also created a ripple of warmth through her delectable creations at 'Loaves by Sourfina- Sourdough Bread & Goodies.'

Yanina, who traded the bustling streets of Boston for the serenity of Acushnet in May 2022, has become the heart of her community, offering her sourdough bread on a "pay what you can" basis.

Boshes journey into the world of sourdough began innocently enough when she asked a neighbor for a sourdough starter. Little did she know that this simple request would blossom into a thriving community exchange program called 'Roots of Love.' This Facebook group, initiated by Yanina, serves as a platform for locals to share anything they grow or create, with Yanina providing everything from advice to extra soil and seeds for those in need.

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The magic of 'Loaves by Sourfina' unfolds as Boshes meticulously crafts sourdough loaves, cinnamon rolls, crackers, pita bread, and even vegan chocolate chip cookies, all fermented with love. Her husband and four-year-old serve as the official taste testers, ensuring that only the finest treats make it to the community shelf.

Courtesy Yanina Viviana Boshes
Courtesy Yanina Viviana Boshes

What sets Boshes' venture apart is her commitment to making her baked goods accessible to everyone. Embracing the spirit of bartering and trading, she adopted the "pay what you can" model, allowing customers to contribute in unique ways. She's even received payments in the form of lilac sugar in a mason jar, organic flours, Madagascar vanilla extract, and even fresh eggs.

Offering her baked goods every other day, Boshes' home has become a hub of activity, attracting 16 eager customers on her very first day. The demand speaks volumes about the quality of her creations, with her inventory selling out in an impressive 7 minutes, just on day one.

Beyond her thriving sourdough enterprise, Boshes has expanded her impact by starting sourdough classes, teaching enthusiastic individuals the art of sourdough baking. Her classes not only empower others with new skills but also foster a sense of community and connection.

Reflecting on the support she has received, Boshes' expresses deep gratitude, sharing touching stories of customers whose lives have been touched by her sourdough. One example is a woman who left her home for the first time in five years after her husband's passing, solely to savor Boshes' creations.

Courtesy Yanina Viviana Boshes
Courtesy Yanina Viviana Boshes

Boshes' final message to her supporters and those yet to experience her baked goods is one of heartfelt appreciation and an open invitation. She encourages everyone to try her sourdough and assures them that, while she may not be an expert, she is more than willing to guide them past the complicated and challenging aspects of sourdough baking.

In Acushnet, Boshes has not just created a sourdough sensation but has fostered a community united by love, sharing, and the simple joy of breaking bread together.

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