You may not think about heading to New Jersey for skiing, but they now offer it. And its indoors.

Think skiing looks fun, but hate the idea of being out in the cold winter weather to do it? Well New Jersey has a place for you.

Inside the Meadowlands Sports Complex a brand new, massively huge mall has been built.

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And though the stores themselves aren't open yet, there is plenty to do at the new American Dream.

The first feature to open inside American Dream was the Nickelodeon Universe theme park back in October.

Yes, an entire indoor theme park complete with roller coasters is in this mall.

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Summertime fun all year round on some pretty serious coasters.

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But there is winter fun there all year round too.

Like the Big Snow indoor ski facility that just opened in December.

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Plus a full sized indoor skating rink.

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And there was supposed to be an indoor water park opening last November. Unfortunately the DreamWorks themed slides didn't end up opening for unnamed reasons and currently have no set opening date.

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But the mall will soon also have two mini-golf courses, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a Sea Life aquarium, a Legoland theme park, indoor rock climbing and a 3,000-seat concert venue. Dang.

And the stores haven't even started opening yet! This place is going to be a must-visit hot spot on the East Coast for sure.

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The shops, restaurants and other attractions are all expected to open March 2020.

Happy shopping!