Christmas has arrived on the SouthCoast and the holiday magic is flourishing.

My wife and I decided to deck out our house a little earlier than normal this year, rather than waiting until the day after Thanksgiving. For years, I refused to acknowledge anything Christmas-related until the turkey was carved but I finally broke my rules.

The Gazelle household is thriving with Christmas lights, festive garland, my wife's Christmas village and, of course, the tree. It's as lit as Uncle Jimmy at the Christmas Eve party, and that's just the way I like it.

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Up and down my street, wreaths are hung and LED lights shimmer on the rooftops.

I love seeing Christmas trees shine bright through people's windows but to get the full effect, you have to be in their living rooms (as creepy as that sounds). Or do you?

So, I asked the SouthCoast to submit their Christmas tree photos to show off the hard work they put into the decorations. Submissions came flooding in. The photos did not disappoint so I put together an ultimate gallery of the best-looking Christmas trees across the SouthCoast.

Here are 75 "must-see" Christmas trees. Can you find yours? And if you haven't submitted yours yet, feel free.

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