Mark Zuckerberg's neighbors are angry over a parking issue, beware of this new credit card scam and how to instantly defrost your windshield on frosty mornings.

Mark Zuckerberg attendes Mobile World Congress 2015
David Ramos / Getty Images

Over something that they may not be legally allowed to be mad over. Zuckerberg has two full-time security agents that watch his San Francisco pad but neighbors are claiming it is "cumbersome" to live next to him as the security detail takes up prime street parking in the neighborhood day and night. We think Zuck should maybe just buy the whole street and shut his neighbors down.

I feel like no matter how long I let my car warm up, I always get in to ice on the windshield on super cold mornings. Then, I sit there for ten minutes with the windshield wipers going, just willing the frost to go away. Not anymore! Simply mix a solution of one parts water to two parts rubbing alcohol and spray on your windshield. Watch the ice instantly melt and be on your merry way!

Officials are warning against an new (but also old) trick that scammers are using to lure in unsuspecting people to give out their personal info. If you recently received an updated debit or credit card from your bank with a microchip, beware of an email from what appears to be a bank asking for your updated personal information to attach to your new card. It is most likely not your bank and someone looking to drain your accounts and cause you major headaches.


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