This morning on the Rock and Fox Show, we were talking about the latest girl party trend...these Swarovski Touchstone Crystal parties.  I was saying how it's pretty much assumed that you'll buy something at the party.  It's a SICK business plan that hasn't yet been duplicated for guys.  We had a brainstorming meeting on the air...and came up with the idea for a "Meat Party".  You show up, they grill up all kinds of different steaks, sausage, burgers, bacon, maybe some chicken.  You get to sample of the premium meats (like Omaha Steaks, for example)...and then they sell it to you at the end of the party.  I have to say, I might be onboard with that.  Listen to us talk about the idea below.

We're KIND of having a "meat party" on Saturday at Running Brook Vineyards in Dartmouth.  Find out more about Fun 107's Brews and BBQ.

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