We're debuting a new contest this week on The Rock and Fox Show. Just in time for the arrival of those dreaded January credit card bills, we are bringing back the Pay Your Bills contest.

If you went a little overboard on your Christmas shopping this year, we can help. If you got a little too fast and furious with that credit card, we can help. Maybe you upgraded your kids to an iPhone 11 and need help with your cell phone bill. You can enter to win help with that, too.

We've teamed up with Diane Lopes Tax and Accounting Service to pay people's bills. It's easy to enter to win. Just download the Fun 107 app to your phone, then hit the little money bag icon in the center of the app's home screen. You'll see the words "Pay Your Bills" under the icon.

Just touch the button, then enter your information. Rock and Fox will start calling people Friday morning and paying their bills. The hardest part of the Pay Your Bills contest is trying to pick which one you want us to help pay, but that part is up to you.

We've paid people's National Grid bill, AT&T, Verizon, you name it. If you want a surprise phone call from The Rock and Fox Show, just be sure to enter all of your information correctly, then keep your phone close by on Friday morning while you're getting ready for work.

A big thank you to Diane Lopes. Without Diane and her team, we'd never be able to make all of these people happy!

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