Disapointment was the word I used to describe the ending to my Saturday night.

For years I enjoyed late night breakfast, especially after a night out on the town. For example, if I was in the New Bedford area, I would almost always hit up the Golden Greek or grab a slice of pizza from World Famous. If I was enjoying a night out in Dartmouth, I would eventually make my way over to IHOP. Now, whenever I party hardy in Fall River... I would finish off the night at the famous Al Mac's Diner.

Al Mac's is the definition of a Fall River staple and now that their neon sign once again lights up Davol street, it becomes a brighter beacon of hope for late night hunger... except there's one problem.

The time was around 1:25 AM, the PERFECT time to grab a booth before the local clubs and bars let out. I was stoked. Unfortunately, as I turned into the parking lot, I immediately knew something was strange since there was 1.) No cars in the parking lot (usually slammed with business and parking is often scarce) and 2.) the lights within the establishment were all off.


This was the very first time I've ever seen the busy after-hours food savior with the lights off on a busy Summer (well, almost...) Saturday.

I called the place several times throughout the day and didn't get anyone to answer (which is even stranger since they are now focusing on the lunch crowd). Their mildly-active Facebook stated the following:

Facebook.com/Al Mac's Diner
Facebook.com/Al Mac's Diner

Perhaps there were phone issues or maybe it was simply too busy at the time. Your guess is as good as mine, I'm just trying to get some facts from the diner.

As I dug a little deeper on the newsfeed, I noticed an intriguing, yet mysterious post from April 23rd of this year:

What could the exciting news possibly be? The neon sign was already re-installed by this time, so it wasn't that and every post afterwards moving forward showed no indication of anything "new" or "exciting".

Then, exactly one month ago, they posted another status with an update to their times (which I wish I would have seen *eyeroll*) stating that their late night was shortened on the weekends:

Facebook.com/Al Mac's Diner
Facebook.com/Al Mac's Diner

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Al Macs Diner, always have. I just want to know what happened to the hours and why I can't get a BLT or a delicious linguica omelet at 2:30 in the morning anymore. It's like a small piece of Fall River's nightlife was taken from all who ventures out to grab a bite to eat during wee hours of the morning.


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