After just a couple of days of Spring-like weather I have become acutely aware that my car is in desperate need of some TLC in one major area.

And by area I mean the entire outside of my car.

dirty car
TSM/Nancy Hall

This is the first year I have ever owned a white car and though I knew it was going to attract dirt a lot quicker than my previous dark colored cars did, what it looks like right now is just gross.

There is so much grim and dirt on every inch of this thing right now that it looks more grey than white. I know it's been a rough winter with all the snow and the extra sand and salt used on the roadways has been layering itself on my car for months.

And with the warmer, sunnier weather from this weekend, I now really notice it...and hate it.

Of course I don't hate it enough to do it myself, cause to me it's not that warm yet. Though I am always impressed by the folks who can get out there and wash their cars in 50 degree weather.

But without the motivation to do it myself I gotta ask you, the area experts. Where can I go to give my car a bath?

Car wash


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