It's been a pretty big year for Route 6 in Fairhaven.  Lots of construction, new business and new ground being broken. It's been a while since there has been this much change all at once in town.

We've seen McDonald's add a second drive-thru lane. Next door to McDonald's will soon be a brand new Chipotle. The building is nearly complete and we should see a soft opening in the next several weeks.

A new Domino's Pizza is still in the works at the former Fairhaven Smoke Shop location. Building owner Dave Vermette tells us that Domino's is working on revamping the interior and expects the store to be up and running relatively soon.

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There are plans for a Mirasol's Cafe where the old car wash was on Route 6, too. However, that appears to have not made too much progress since we first shared news it was coming.

What's coming next? A modern car wash to replace the old one that is being knocked down to make room for Mirasol's.

The new car wash, which will be called Wash Ashore, is under construction at the site of the former Huttleston Motel. It is expected to open in June.

Wash Ashore will boast a "magic carpet" ride of cleanliness in a 120-foot-long tunnel. The car wash will also have auto detailing services, unlimited memberships for sale and automatic gates for members.

Lastly, the parking lot will feature nine vacuum stations, as pictured below.

Courtesy of Wash Ashore
Courtesy of Wash Ashore

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