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What is Going On with All This Pollen
So I noticed my car was covered in pollen about a week ago, and I rinsed it down with a hose thinking it got that color because all the pollen was building up over the course of a few weeks... So I washed it, and LITERALLY the next day it was covered again, so this time I went HARD on my car wa…
Message Of Love On Fairhaven's Route 6
We're not sure if this is graffiti or if it was a message that was commissioned by the owners of the Nice 'N Clean Car Wash on Route 6 in Fairhaven. Either way, though we don't condone graffiti, it's hard not to like the core message of LOVE...
NIssan Developes The First Self Cleaning Car
I love to have a clear car. I certainly don't do it myself though. I am at the car wash often.
But soon, we may never have to wash our cars again, or at least we will do it much less.
It seems NIssan has developed a paint that repels dirt and spray...
Car Wash Generosity Makes People Disrespectful
There is a really great car wash near my home. It really is awesome. Its got a gas station, a state of the art car wash which only costs 5 bucks, a store, and tons of vacuum's. The vacuum;s are FREE!! So, you can pull right up and vacuum to your hearts content.