An interesting healthy food conversation came up this afternoon and I'm wondering where you might stand on this one...

Gourmet chili beans
Steve Frost

So I am stood eating my homemade turkey chili this afternoon (Weight Watchers recipe, only 1 point!) the station's GM came into the studio to ask what I was eating. When I told him turkey chili he just made this ew face.

Now I know this chili is delicious, so I had to ask, "why the face?"

Turns out he hates ground turkey. Doesn't like the look apparently. He knows its good for him, actually doesn't mind eating healthy, but just can't get on board with ground turkey.

I found it a little strange that someone could be fine with having salads, kale chips or soy milk, but just straight out hate something as simple as ground turkey.

Portrait of disgusted young woman pinches her nose
Steve Frost

So of course I start thinking about what healthy foods I hate.

I think I'm a fairly healthy eater. Of course I enjoy bad things like brownies, pizza, cookies, etc but I try to eat them sparingly and get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables into my day. But you can't like everything.

I personally don't like ginger. I know it's great for digestion and helps your body absorb other important nutrients better, plus it can ease joint pain, but I just don't like it. Ginger has a bitter aftertaste to me and then I just taste ginger on everything all day.

So if you are a fan of eating healthy, are there still certain healthy foods you just plain hate? No matter how good they may be for you, you still can't bring yourself to eat them?

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