Summer in New England means the temperatures are sure to soar and the humidity usually gets up there, too, but it's not just the AC that can help keep you cool. Eating certain foods can also help.

They say you are what you eat and that doesn't just mean if you eat healthy foods you'll have a healthy body. It can also mean that your food temperatures can help regulate your body temperatures.

Think about it. When the temperatures are dropping and the snow is piling up, a big bowl of soup or hot cup of coffee can really help make everything feel warmer. Well, the same goes for cool foods in the summer months.

So, while you may think hiding away in the air-conditioning or escaping to the beach for slightly cooler air are going to be your best bets when thermometers across the SouthCoast hit 90 and above, there are some foods that could come in handy, too.

A well-planned trip to the supermarket before a string of super hot days settles in can make a big difference in how you feel during a heat wave. Cool foods can also help your body regulate its temperature when you are feeling sick or have a fever. It's amazing how much what we eat affects how we feel.

If you're feeling sweaty and sticky, try digging into these tasty treats to give your body some cooling power from the inside out.

Best Foods to Eat When You Want to Beat the Heat

They say "you are what you eat" and in the summer time that also means you feel what you eat. So when you want to feel cool on a hot, summer's day, what you feed yourself can actually help.
These are some of the best foods for keeping cool when the temperatures are on the rise.

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