It's going to an incredibly hot weekend, but it's not just the AC that can help keep you cool. Eating these foods will help too.

Air conditioning is going to be your best friend this weekend as temperatures soar into the 90s complete with humidity, making it feel like triple digits in some places.

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But if escaping to the beach for slightly cooler air and hunkering down where the air conditioning is strong aren't going to work for you, here are some foods that could come in handy.

Eating right can do so many good things for you and believe it or not that includes helping keep you cool.

So definitely stock up on melon this weekend. Any melon really.

Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew all contain a lot of water, so eating them helps you stay hydrated on a hot, summer day.

Cucumbers and leafy green vegetables are good for you too. They have lots of water in them naturally, but also contain plenty of fiber to help prevent the constipation high heat can cause for many people.

Celery is another super hydrating vegetable that also contains sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc - lots of stuff to keep you hydrated and healthy.

But if eating your water isn't your thing, try adding lime or mint to your regular water. Both provided a refreshing effect that can make you feel cooler almost instantly.

Or go with coconut water. It is considered the best summer drink because of it's cooling properties.

So when the temperatures rise this weekend you can enjoy the AC at the supermarket while picking up foods to help keep you cool at home.