I turned 27 yesterday and this is the first birthday that has actually felt "different" for me. 

I didn't FEEL any huge change when I turned 18, or 21, or even 25. Those all kind of felt like "no big deal" birthdays, aside from the fact that other people made them seem like they were a big deal. But in the past couple months, as I was creeping up on 27, something definitely felt different about this one. Maybe it's because I'm that much closer to 30, or maybe it's because things like marriage and kids now don't seem insanely far off or like something that might happen someday. At 27, those things all of a sudden feel more tangible and real. Which is terrifying and exciting and intimidating and amazing. Michael Rock joked this morning that I've already "peaked" which I hope isn't the case. Even though I admittedly act like a 95-year-old most of the time.

I have a lot of friends who say 27-30 are REALLY transformative years. You might get married, you might have your first kid (or your 2nd or 3rd), you might finally settle into a career you love, or buy a house, or make some other pretty life-affirming moves. Some say those years were really terrible but forced them into what ultimately ended up being really great situations. Personally, 24 and 25 were train-wreck years for me. 26 got exponentially better than 24 and 25, and 27 is looking like it might just be the best year of my 20's. All this got me thinking - what advice would you give your 27-year-old self?

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