For those about to Tinder, I salute you.

It's a tough world out there these days, especially for those who are trying to date. Whoever you're trying to impress or get to know better may come off as a bit of an obstacle during these times or self-quarantine and social distancing.

However, don't lose hope; there are plenty of ways to connect with your person of interest.

To some of you who are either new at dating or are confused as to what to do next now that we're unable to have physical face-to-face contact, I've come up with a few ideas that could help you adapt to the new ways of romance in 2020.

Tip No. 1 - Digital Dinner Delivery Date:

Here's a fun way to interact with the guy or girl you just met via a dating website, app, or even with someone you've known for quite some time. It's a game of "how well do you know each other" vs. "taking a risky chance."

Each person orders food from a restaurant of their choice to be delivered to the other person's residence. It can either be something you know they're going to like or perhaps something you're inviting them to try.

Again, this is a hit or miss process, so act accordingly and act wisely.

Tip No. 2 - Synchronized Online Movie Watch Party:

Between each other, decide on something you both would be interested in watching. This activity requires each person to have at least a movie streaming device and another one for FaceTime.

Line up the movie at the very beginning after connecting with each other, countdown from 3..2..1.. then simultaneously hit "play." It may sound strange at first, but the company is well worth it.

Tip No. 3 - Easy on the FaceTime:

Limit the time spent viewing each other via Zoom, FaceTime, or webcam to a specific amount of time a day. Too much exposure might cause relationship interaction to be pushed away and will ruin the endgame.

What is the endgame? I'll tell you.

The heart is a mysterious and powerful entity. It simply wants what it wants. Often, when you deprive it of the one thing that it wants – in this case, to gain feelings for the other person – the results will show an increase in anticipation. Meaning once the quarantine gets lifted, you're more likely to want to meet that person face-to-face with more robust emotion. Feelings won't go stale and it will feel like a whole new level of love.

Of course, some will say it's simply easier to bond in person, but when life throws you lemons (or a coronavirus), you have to make yourself a tall glass of lemonade and consider all options.

Good luck and Godspeed, singletons.

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