If you're not napping at work, you're doing it wrong.

For those whose job requires a long day of work, such as myself, we tend to fight the heavy eye syndrome after around the sixth hour. Trust me, I've been fighting it for years, but no longer.

Whenever I start to feel drowsy or lose my focus on a project or work assignment, that's when I tell myself it's time to take a brief break. It doesn't have to be a long break, but just enough to put the world on hold for just a moment and re-collect my energy.

Waking up early for an early radio show has its pros and cons.

I have no problem waking up and driving to work, but once the show is finished, that doesn't mean I'm done for the day. The moment the microphones are shut off on the Rock and Fox Show, that's when preparations for the following day's show come into play.

Now, I know what you're going to say by the time you get this far into the article: "Go to bed earlier and you won't have this problem."

I'm getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep in. It has nothing to do with going to bed earlier. I get plenty of sleep.

My day begins the second I wake up around 3:45 a.m.

Arrival at the radio station is around 4:45 a.m., the show begins at 5:30 on the dot and ends at 10. The amount of mental focus and sharpness that goes into a five-hour morning show is numbing and downright draining, but alas, the show must go on.

By that point, I'm often on my second cup of coffee.

It's not until noontime when I start to fade away from the workplace reality and feel that struggle bus barreling towards me. If your work schedule is somewhat similar to this and you find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open, then it's time to switch over to the "Gazelle Nap Plan."

Stop fighting the sleepies and take a power nap. Keep a pillow under your desk and use it to your advantage. You'll be shocked at how effective it is towards your work ethic.

Trust me, it works and you'll thank me later.


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