How to Change Your Reputation at Work
Do you think people in your office have the wrong impression of you?  You swear you’re a great person that’s easy to like but your office mates don’t seem to agree and you can’t figure out why.  While part of you wants to chan…
Tips to Staying Happy at Work
When it comes to resolutions, a lot of people add ‘Finding a New Job’ to their list. Whatever your reason may be, making this kind of resolution can also make you pretty unhappy at your current job if the search doesn’t pan out the way you’d hope…
Food Theft
I'm the most patient person ever and probably one of the most giving. I give everything I have to everybody else, even though I am dirt poor. Like "Joe Dirt" but with no mullet.
Working With Women Can Be Intense
Listening to Fun 107, you would think that it is a predominantly male workforce here at the station. Heather James and I are pretty much the only female voices you here during the week. But if you were to walk into the office, it is roaring with Estrogen in all other departments.