I love working afternoons at FUN 107!!  However, Scott on the other hand hates when people are in the studio when he is on the air, especially when I'm stuffing face with my lunch. A mans gotta eat! 


I'm the only DJ at Fun without a desk or cubicle, hence why I come into the studio the second I walk in the door. Where else am I supposed to go?  Scott, like the good friend he his suggested I find a desk out back and make it my desk.

I like the sound of the idea, but I feel like I'm annexing it, like the US did to Hawaii in 1898. Do I just move right in - or  do I go ruffle feathers by asking for a desk? Maybe they wont notice, all incognito like,for example - a pen, then pencil, then a note pad and picture? Desk dilemma?

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