It's funny how quickly time passes throughout a person's lifetime.

One minute you're jumping for joy because you just learned how to tie your shoe, and then you blink your eyes and you're walking the stage at your college graduation ceremony.

"Time flies when you're having fun" seems to be the quote of my life, although it's not all fun and games. Life is confusing and hits hard. There's nobody in the world that can knock you down faster than life can and that's what makes it scary.

That's the best part about dads.

No matter what I'm going through or how stubborn I can be, my father has always put his own matters to the side to make sure I'm happy or doing ok. There isn't a project out there he hasn't been able to help me with; pretty impressive if you ask me.

Throughout my life, his advice – whether I took it or not – has never left my head.

The irony of aging is that the older you get, the more your parents' ideologies on life become more truthful. It's a shame I'm just coming to terms with this now. However, out of everything my dad has taught me, there is one particular thing that stood out the most.

If there's something you truly want, you have to work hard for it.

Of course, to some, it may come off as cliché, but if you know my dad the way that I do, then it makes complete and total sense. He's worked his entire life, doing the exact same thing in his 50s as he did when he was 16 and look what his hard work got him. He lives in a beautiful house deep in the woods of Westport, drives a really nice jacked-up pick-up truck, and sleeps easy at night knowing he raised the hell out of two sons.

I have to say, those are footsteps I'm doing my very best to follow, and if I continue to work hard each and every day with a goal in mind, then there's no way I can fail. I've watched his work ethic my whole life and as tired as he may be at times, he still pushes through.

Again, if there's something you truly want, you have to work hard for it.

Whether the plan is to buy nice things or live the simple life, they both come with a price – a price I'm willing to pay. I suppose everything I've said so far has given me a whole new perspective on the advice he has given me and most importantly, that I shouldn't take it for granted. After all, giving advice is what dads are supposed to do, am I right?

Well, I've worked hard and I've put in my hours. I understand I'm still a long way from my goals, but with a plan in place and some solid advice from my old man, I can only be destined for greatness.

If I've become even half the man you are, Dad, know that it's all because of your perseverance and determination to always be there and to give me a wonderful life with some pretty good advice.

Oh, and you should know, I'm so very proud of you. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you and Mom behind me the entire way.

Love ya, Pops, thanks for the priceless life lessons I never knew I needed. I'm already on my way.

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