What was the first thought that came to mind when reading the headline to this? Ok, fine we don't need half-naked men serving us our coffee, but it would be nice. Image pulling up to Honey Dew, Dunks, or even Starbucks and grabbing your coffee from a guy who clearly goes to the gym every free moment he has. They are doing just that in Seattle at the Dreamboyz coffee stand, where their slogan is "Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee."

First off, I like iced coffee so we need to work on the slogan a little.

“I felt like why can women do it but men can't?” said Ja’shaun Williams, one of the employees.

You have to admit, he is right. I have had my share of visits to the legendary Hooters establishments and thought to myself, why isn't there a massive chain that exploits men like they are doing to women?

Would you get your daily coffee from a shirtless barista? The adult in me would be nervous they would burn themselves with hot coffee on a pretty regular basis. Then I question, is this sanitary? Pretty sure this would be a novelty and we would love it for the first few months and then the "sex appeal" would die down.

Here is a little video of the one in Seattle:

Who wants to start one up with me? I think it's an awesome business venture. I'll be in charge of hiring so you wouldn't have to worry about that. Just make sure we have a reasonable coffee selection. We want to be known for good coffee too!

After writing this, I realized I need to get to the gym.

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