Looks like Selena Gomez had some technical difficulties during her performance on the "The View," which seemed normal until things took a turn for the awkward when it appeared the show could not fix the problem in time and one of the hosts cut her way in front of Selena to instruct a commercial break to buy some time.


Kris Connor, Getty Images

In this video you will see Selena Gomez performing a "false start" while on "The View".."Whoops!"..she says until she then realizes she couldn't even hear herself, so what does Selena do? She begins to make jokes with the crowd to help buy some time to get the problem fixed. With that being said, she had to know she was on air at the time these technical difficulties took place, but it was a little inappropriate and uncomfortable to watch one of the hosts from "The View" rush on stage and cut in front of the mic to instruct a commercial break.."Word!..Alright Word!"..Selena seems to continue on with a joking-like mood to continue her attempt at making the moment less uncomfortable.