Last September Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell were hanging out in Boston and filming scenes for a new holiday musical movie. Now the trailer for that film has been released and may make you want to sign up for Apple TV.

During the initial fall 2021 filming, people were catching some behind-the-scenes moments on the cobbled streets of Boston.

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Now the scenes this Instagram user filmed from overhead are the first ones used in the Spirited trailer.

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If you missed the original scoop on Spirited, the movie is a musical-comedy take on A Christmas Carol. Ryan Reynolds plays Clint Briggs (basically Scrooge) and Will Ferrell is his Ghost of Christmas Present.

Octavia Spencer is also a main character in the new holiday movie, though her actual role is a bit of a mystery.

All three actors sing and dance in the movie, though. That is for sure. Plus, the entire thing looks absolutely hilarious.

I am simply excited to see Will Ferrell back in a funny holiday movie. It is very hard to top Elf for most people, but Spirited could become a family-favorite holiday movie this season.

The only downside to the movie for me is that it is only streaming on Apple TV, a service I do not have.

Luckily, the movie will make a limited theater debut on Nov. 11 before heading to Apple TV on Nov. 18.

So far no local theaters are advertising a showing of Spirited, but with the premiere still about a month away, my fingers are crossed that things will change before Nov. 11.

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