Nostalgia alert:

The guys of Good Burger are getting together again and this time they'll be in Rhode Island.

Yes, Good Burger 2 is officially going to happen and the sequel is expected to start filming on location in the Ocean State in May.

Somehow it has been 25 years since the original Good Burger appeared on movie screens across America, but as Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell revealed to Jimmy Fallon last month, they are both back for more.

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Ever since the pair from Nickelodeon's All That reprised their '90s roles for a Saturday Night Live sketch with Keke Palmer, fans have been vocal about wanting more from Kenan and Kel. Nickelodeon Studios and Paramount+ heard those fans and have greenlighted a long-overdue sequel.

According to, the new movie will feature the characters Dexter and Ed reuniting at a present-day fast-food chain with a new hilarious cast of co-workers. Dexter finds himself down on his luck and Ed gives him his job back at their old burger joint, bringing new life to this '90s favorite.

The studio has production slated to start in May, though the exact locations for filming have yet to be revealed.

The Rhode Island Film and TV Office has stated that discussions are being finalized for this filming to take place in Rhode Island, but no other details have been revealed as of yet.

Perhaps they'll use an existing burger spot as their fake Good Burger, or maybe they'll build a complete city set like the crew from Hocus Pocus 2 did at Chase Farm in Lincoln.

Whichever way they go, we're excited for more major-movie filming in the area and, of course, for more Good Burger.

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