It was a beautiful late summer day for checking out a movie set coming together in Lincoln, Rhode Island. As Maddie first reported back in June, Rhode Island is one of the three states Hocus Pocus 2 is filming in, and now we know where.

Chase Farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island is going to host the Sanderson sisters this October and from the looks of things, sets are coming along nicely. We snuck over to the site of the highly-anticipated sequel and saw for ourselves just what they were creating at the farm.

Honestly, this place is a perfect filming location for an on-screen Salem. It is nothing but acres of open fields with a working blacksmith shop on site and a lots of history in its nearly 400 years of existence. The crushed stone main walkway is perfect for an old-school main street.

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Typically this farm is home to hikers, runners and dog walkers, but right now the main path has become a main street with lots of buildings going up around it. This means much of the main path is off limits as construction crews and heavy machinery use the space and walkers/runners are stuck using outer edge trails.

That didn't stop us from a little snooping on the set that just began being built after Labor Day and still has a way to go until filming starts this October. Many of the buildings remain a mystery with just the bones of them put together, but others give us ideas of what many be going on here. Check out the sneak peak of the upcoming movie set.

'Hocus Pocus 2' Sets Being Built in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Sets are going up at Chase Farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island for the filming of Hocus Pocus 2, although filming is still a few weeks away from the looks of things. Check out where the Sanderson sisters will soon roam.

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