Well, good frickin’ mornin’ from New England.

Popular content creator and Rhode Island local Ian Brownhill has officially launched a new podcast called So New England and it’s going to be wicked good.

Created by a New Englander for New Englanders, Brownhill aims to create a space online that is dedicated to the New England lifestyle and culture.

It’s a podcast that the rest of the country simply wouldn’t understand, and Brownhill likes it that way.

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Who Is Ian Brownhill?

Before he found stardom on social media, Ian Brownhill was just a kid from Westerly, Rhode Island, with big dreams.

“I wanted to be Superman,” he said. “I also wanted to be an NBA star. I had some pretty far-fetched dreams.”

In his late teens, he found an interest in law enforcement and was working on a degree in criminal justice, but in his early 20s, he lost interest and soon leaned into his artistic side.

“I have always loved entertaining and acting. I just wanted to be an entertainer," Brownhill said. “I can dance, but not that well, and I can sing, but not good enough, so acting was the next best thing and it’s been a passion to be in the field that I am in today.”

Brownhil can thank a snowy October day in Rhode Island for his first mega-viral video that put him on the map.

@ian.brownhill Yeah TGIF #newengland #rhodeisland #massachusetts #boston #newhampshire #vermont #maine #conneticut #snow #comedy #patriots #dunkin #flops #winter ♬ original sound - Ian.Brownhill

People fell in love with the typical “New England Guy” brushing off snow from his car in flip-flops, and it was after that moment that Brownhill’s dreams of being an entertainer became a reality.

“I never really thought being a content creator would make you recognizable or relatable or known, but it has done all that,” Brownhill said. “Going from being in flip-flops and unemployed during Covid to shaking hands with Robert Kraft, being invited to Celtics games and working alongside NESN, it’s been such a surprise. Where (my career) has taken me has been so rewarding."

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Brownhill Launches the “So New England” Podcast

For years, Brownhill has been creating characters online for his millions of followers, but as his popularity grew, so did his goals for entertaining the masses.

“I never expected to host a podcast and this venture is definitely new, but I love having good conversations with people,” Brownhill said. “As I grew in popularity and I saw there was a strong fan base of people who are interested in what I have to say and are also looking for new entertainment, I knew it was my time to do my own thing.”

What to Expect on “So New England”

Brownhill’s new podcast is like a love letter to New England. From local creators and businesses to local feel-good stories, if it happens in New England, Brownhill wants to highlight it on his show.

“New England is massive but also so tight-knit,” he said. “We have our own way of doing things. We have our own language, our own style. ... With states like Rhode Island and Maine, there is a cross-pollination of how we live and what we enjoy, and I want to bring all of those voices, small businesses and local influencers together."

Brownhill hopes people will tune in to have a good laugh, listen to good stories and learn about local businesses.

“I want to give a voice to everyone in New England,” he said.

Think of this podcast as the exclusive New Englanders club. Sorry not sorry to everyone else. "Life's bettah" ova here, and we're proud of it.

Enjoy new episodes of the So New England podcast every week on Youtube, Apple and Spotify.

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