“What do you even do at an office job?”

When one TikTok user posed that simple question, a Fall River man decided to give his two cents, and one year later, he has amassed a half-million followers thanks to his all-too-relatable depiction of life in the office.

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Bryan Ferreira never expected to be a content creator, but thanks to his sense of humor and creative ideas, the 32-year-old is well on his way to his first 1 million followers.

“I started getting serious with TikTok in May of 2022 when I first went viral,” Ferreira said. “A creator asked, ‘What do people do in the office?’ and I decided to stitch it and it ended up getting over 10 million views.”

Caution: Adult Language

Thanks to the social media algorithm, Ferreria’s audience came to him after his first video exploded.

“My page started to have a life of its own,” he said. “I was excited, but also a little overwhelmed because I wanted to stick with it, but I still wanted to have fun while doing it.”

He doesn’t use bright lights and fancy editing. Ferreira leans into the average life of a typical desk job employee to highlight the mundane, the odd and the otherwise dumb moments we have all dealt with at our jobs.

Caution: More Adult Language

As far as his real-life job goes, his employer is fully on board with his lighthearted office parodies. Ferreira will even show up early to work to get his content done for the day.

“The office knows I make the videos, but I film on my own time,” he said. “I show up to work an hour early to do the filming and I’m super-cool with my boss. It’s nice to have everyone on board.”

He may love his job, but no one is safe. Ferreira brings to life what we have all thought while sitting in front of a pile of paperwork or desperately watching the clock in anticipation of lunch break.

Ferreira’s content is the type of humor that will have you clocked in well past office hours.

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