Here's a simple way to find out if your private information became public.

News outlets have been going crazy covering the Cambridge Analytica - Facebook privacy breach. It's recently been reported that over 87 million Facebook users have potentially had their data leaked from the breach.

Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that starting April 9, there will be a button on the top of your News Feed that breaks down what third-party apps you're using through Facebook and what information they have access to. This link will also let you know if your information was in fact part of the Cambridge Analytica breach, either because you used the app associated with the breach, or that one of your Facebook friends did.

So when you log into Facebook Monday morning, this should be the first thing you check. Having your private information leaked is not something to take lightly, and having the knowledge that it happened is the first step to taking action.

Privacy is cool, JT.

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