The Rock and Fox Show got a message on the Fun 107 app from a woman who has been dating a guy since just before Thanksgiving. She told us that she's known him for a few years and had previously worked with him, but that they had just started dating a few months back.

She told us that several times she had dropped some hints about using Find Friends with each other, but avoided the idea. Now, she can't help but wonder why he doesn't want to do it, and it is making her feel a little insecure about him.

Christine doesn't think she should let it bother her at all, saying that even she doesn't want to be tracked and she's been married for 20 years. She wants some level of privacy.

I have to admit, we use the Find Friends app daily in our family. We all have it on our phones, and it comes in handy quite a bit. For example, I might be hungry at home and see that my wife is not far away from the End Zone, so I'll text her to ask her if she wouldn't mind bringing me home some boneless buffalo wings.

My wife will often have the app send her a notification when I leave work or the gym so that she can call and have me stop at the store or some other errand on my way home. To us, it's a very convenient app.

Judging from the calls and messages we received on the app, I seem to be in the minority. Most people find an app like Find Friends to be intrusive. What do you think?

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