Have a kid who loves to climb? Then you might want to plan a trip to Roger Williams Park in Providence soon.

While most people head to Roger Williams Park for a visit to the zoo, there is actually so much more to see inside this 427 acre city park.


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In fact, on a recent trip there with my youngest daughter, I discovered an entire playground I never knew existed. And it was awesome.

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While pushing my daughter on the swings towards the back on of the carousel area playground recently, I noticed a giant, blue bear head in the distance.

So of course, I had to go check it out.

What I found was something that from a distance it looked like a wooden sculpture, but up closer became an eco-friendly playground perfect for kids who like to literally take things to the next level.

Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media
Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media

This towering 'bearground' is a climber's dream come true. There are rock wall holds and grips, log bridges, rope ladders and even a place to perch inside the massive bear head.

If you ever wanted a park trip guaranteed to tire your little one out, this has got to be it.

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Created by the artists with Earthscape Play, this bear playscape is a very specific design, in a very specific place.

Opened in November 2022 as the park celebrated 150 years, this 'bearground' sits where actual bears used to live.

Much of the massive park's grounds was zoo back in the early 1900s. There were sheep grazing on hillsides, an area dubbed 'Monkey Island' and seals swimming in the local lake waters.

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Where the 'bearground' now sits on Maple Ave near the Temple of Music was where nine real bears lived from the early to mid-1900s. In tribute to these bears, the park commissioned this unique bear-shaped playground, giving families a place to play while also learning about the park's historic past.

Climb Aboard a 'Bear-y' Cool Playground at Roger Williams Park

If you have a kid who loves to climb, this is the playground for them. A bit of a hidden gem inside Roger Williams Park in Providence, this bear themed playscape is definitely worth finding. See why here.

Gallery Credit: Nancy Hall

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