From April 7th to August 11th, Dragons and Mythical Creatures will live among the animals at the zoo, offering an immersive experience for the entire family.

Over 60 life-size animatronic “wonders” will transport you into another world as dragons and beasts come alive at Roger Williams.

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What to Expect

As an add-on experience to Roger Williams Park Zoo, Dragons and Mythical Creatures will ignite curiosity and wonder while you travel through the interactive experience.

These life-size creatures are not just statues. Watch them move, roar, and breathe smoke. “Traverse the wetlands trail adorned with enchanting animatronic beings, including the majestic unicorn, the serpent-like wyvern, the mysterious Kraken, and a myriad of other magical creatures,” said the zoo.

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Packages for Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Get all your friends together and take advantage of group discounts. Experience Dragon Family Fun Nights every Saturday night for an after-hours exploration of the zoo and its mythical creatures. There are also Dragon Sensory-Friendly Mornings available, specifically designed for those with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing differences, where guests can enjoy the dinosaur trail an hour before opening.

Anything is possible in this magical world created by Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Proceeds from Dragons & Mythical Creatures will support the Zoo’s ongoing animal care, education programs, and conservation initiatives as they continue to do their part in saving wildlife and wild places.

Visit Roger Williams Park Zoo online for more details, and start planning your trip to this otherworldly experience.

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