Providence, Rhode Island is so much more than the Washington Bridge debacle and the city is getting the credit it deserves in CNN Travel's latest story.

CNN Travel compiled the ultimate travel guide list for America’s best towns. Providence grabbed the number two spot, falling only behind Richmond, VA, and the city has its creative culture to thank for its impressive rating.

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How CNN Picked Its Winning Towns

CNN Travel relied on its network of contributors to compile its first-ever top ten list of best towns.

“We evaluated their favorites and winnowed the finalists to 10 by looking at each town’s attractions, food and beverage offerings, nightlife and cultural scene, sense of identity, proximity to other interesting spots, and wow factor,” said the publication.

The top ten towns range from 50,000 residents to 225,000, and each town embodies passion, creativity, and character.

Providence Ranks 2nd in CNN’s Top 10 Best Towns

History, innovation, great food, and top-tier educational institutions. Providence may be small, but it's mighty in so many areas.

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Christine Chitnis credits the town’s “quirky vibe” and charm for its high ranking. Along with her contributors, the team at CNN Travel managed to hit all the high points of the “Renaissance City”, from the popular WaterFire that has illuminated the city for three decades to the flourishing culinary scene that spans from the East Side to the West Side.

“You could live here for a decade and not even come close to covering all the incredible dining options, so pace yourself,” said Chitnis.

Providence is synonymous with good food and artful expression, but it’s also home to beautiful parks like Roger Williams and historic destinations like Brown University.

Modern art, historic landmarks, outdoor activities, and delicious food. Providence checks all the boxes.

Oh, and we’re competitive, too. So we’ll be shooting for the number 1 spot next time around.

Welcome to Your New Humble Abode: A Providence Shopping Mall

America's oldest indoor shopping mall is now home to more than 40 micro-lofts, some as tiny as 250 square feet. But they sure are convenient and a great option in downtown Providence. Check out the inside of one of these tiny living spaces at The Arcade. This one's even currently on the market!

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Inside the All-New Level99 Location in the Providence Place Mall

Ever since word came out last spring that Level99 in Natick was expanding with a second challenge venue location in Providence, people have been eager to see what types of games they would be bringing.
Now you can find out with a sneak peek inside the Providence Place Mall's newest hotspot.

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Inside Huge Historic Providence Home With Indoor Swings

Nearly a whole city block is for sale in Providence with one single property.
The historic Corliss-Carrington House is an amazing event space and mansion currently on the market for $7.450 million and offers tons of timeless features.

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