I am a Rhode Islander, born and bred, and I stand behind the notion that Rhode Island reigns supreme in several areas among other New England states.

The beaches, the culture, the activities, and of course, the food are hard to beat.

Fine, call me biased, but Forbes Magazine seems to get it, too.

On Monday, Larry Olmsted of Forbes Magazine gave his two cents about the small but mighty state and named Providence the place to go for a great food weekend.

Here’s why.

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Larry Olmsted is a senior contributor, award-winning travel journalist, and bestselling author. His opinion holds much more weight than mine does, so I’ll let his knowledge speak for itself.

He shared that last year, United Airlines’s inflight magazine, Hemispheres, voted Providence the Best Up-and-Coming City, sparking his most recent visit to the 401.

“It was the food scene that wowed me the most, and there is no doubt that the lodging choices, especially at the high end, are dramatically improved,” he said. “But the real difference is a change in attitude.”

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Olmsted had not been in Rhode Island for over ten years and took notice of the foodie revolution that is seemingly bubbling over in the small city.

“Everyone seems to be vividly aware that the city is in the midst of a great revival,” he said.

And it’s true. Every block in Downtown Providence and every quaint side street seems to be bookmarked with charming eateries ranging from casual to upscale.

I overflow with pride at the thought of the city’s growth. We are so much more than party pizza, and out-of-towners are starting to take notice.

If you haven't ventured to Downtown Providence in a while, now is the time. Local restaurateurs have turned it up a notch after the pandemic and the city as a whole seems more motivated than ever to make a name for itself on a national level.

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