From car seats to pacifiers, there have been a lot of child safety recalls lately. Now the newest item being recalled are TwinGo baby carriers.

The US Consumer Product And Safety Commission has issued a nationwide recall on a baby carrier with a faulty waist buckle that could be a fall hazard to the child.

About 4,000 "TwinGo Original" baby carriers that are intended for babies between 10 and 45 lbs are affected.

The recall is on batch numbers: 23014024003, 01515026003, and 21615019001.

The carriers are black on the outside and blue or orange inside, they are Chinese-made and were sold online from December 2014 until last month. They retail for $215.

There have been about a dozen reports of buckles breaking, 9 of them in the US.

No injuries have been reported, but any customers with the carriers are asked to stop using them immediately and contact TwinGo for a repair kit.