It's true, all of my life, I've enjoyed going to the dentist.

I think it goes back to when I was a little kid. I always had a good experience at the dentist, with little to no cavities and always left on a positive note with a mini toothpaste tube and new pink toothbrush. As I got older, it's always been the same situation. I have been fortunate in the way that I have never needed major dental work, if I had needed it, I think my opinion of the dentist would not be as high.

I was always that 'go to the dentist every six months, to-the-day' person, until about two years ago. I remember I had been stressed out that day, I was in the process of planning my wedding and had a ton of stuff to do, so I was hoping to be quick at the dentist so I could carry on with my day, that was not the case. I went in and they made me wait for about an hour, while I watched everyone else go in ahead of me. When that happens, it totally feels like they are doing it on purpose, even though they probably aren't. So being annoyed, I got up and asked the receptionist how much longer it would be, she said about another half hour or so, that the dentist was running behind. At that point, I was so angry, there was no way I was waiting for an hour and a half! I told them to cancel my appointment that day and all of my appointments in the future, because I would not be back. I walked out of the office with immediate regret. I'd been going to that same office for 15 years, and now I had to find a new one because I acted like a jerk. I was embarrassed and annoyed that I just made more work for myself. Well, I never did go back there because I felt really bad for being a jerk that day, even though they made me wait an unacceptable amount of time.

So finally, two years later, I have found a new dentist, and I can get back on my regular schedule of seeing the dentist twice a year! I found this new dentist by doing a google search, it's close to my house, they take my insurance, and the receptionist was so friendly! Some other things that helped me choose this place over others, are that their website was killer, (hey, in 2015, that matters!) they had great reviews and the pictures of the office were very pretty, it looked like a dentist office out of a magazine! So today, I go back to the dentist and I can't wait! Let's just hope I haven't acquired any new cavities or anything else in the time that I skipped out on going!

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