All hail the new Queen of New Bedford.

Two-year-old Trinity Melin was recently crowned the East Coast Grand Ambassador for 5-year-olds and under and brought home the title of Little Miss New Bedford along with it.

She may be young, but Trinity is already a shining star on the pageant stage.

Mary Melin, Trinity’s mother, wanted to find a community for her daughter that would teach her valuable lessons about self-confidence and overcoming obstacles.

“When Trinity was born, she was born with a cleft palate. She also has severe hearing loss,” said Melin. “I wanted to find something that would promote confidence and self-esteem, and what better way to do that than enter a pageant? If she lost, I wanted her to know how to lose gracefully, because life isn’t all about winning.”

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Trinity was dealt with a tough hand at birth, but her mother wanted to instill a sense of inner beauty early on, saying, “Win or lose, she is always going to be my little queen.”

Turns out the lesson of dealing with a loss will come later because Trinity went home with not one honor, but two.

“The Grand Ambassador is awarded to the contestant who the judges and team feel show lots of potential and we believe will represent the system well, especially with outreach and sisterhood,” the pageant said in a statement. “The team specifically noted (Trinity’s) positive spirit and how supportive (her family was) for their beautiful daughter on stage.”

The proud mother said of Trinity: “Seeing her win felt amazing. Her brother, who’s 4, was there and was screaming so loud for his sister. It was a good family moment.”

At just 2 years old, Trinity’s personality is already glowing, and when she won her titles, she didn’t want to leave the stage.

Trinity will represent New Bedford and the state of Massachusetts at the National Competition in New Jersey this July.

You go, Queen!

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