Is Tom Brady entering his final NFL season? His own tweet might have you thinking so.

Minicamps are underway for the New England Patriots and TB12's tweet about his participation in Tuesday's practice has fans freaking out.


Tom posted some pictures from Tuesday's minicamp with the caption

Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first!

No big deal, right?

Well fans freaked reading into the tweet that seemed to say this summer's minicamp would be his last minicamp.

Which to many of course means, he retires at the end of the upcoming season.

It can't just be me that has a hard time believing a man who loves the game as much as Brady would make that decision before the season even started.

Wouldn't he want to see how things went and how he was feeling when it was all over before calling it quits?

And considering how competitive he is in all things, there is just no way he would seemingly throw in the towel on his career after the first minicamp.

He is way too focused for that.

I think he probably meant treating his first snap, first drill, first anything they do in practice like his last and last like his first.

He worked hard throughout practice people, that's it.

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