Want to work for Tom Brady? Here's how.

The TB12 Center: Boston is coming this summer and they are hiring right now.

Tom Brady's company posted several job openings on Indeed and maybe one is perfect for you.

According to the company website, The TB12 Center

will bring life to our mission to transform global health by empowering athletes everywhere to do what they love better and for longer

The center will be on Boylston St in Boston, a stone's throw from the Boston Marathon finish line.

It'll be like the ultimate gym, with fitness classes, one-on-one "body coach" sessions, a smoothie bar and all the TB12 products.

It all sounds waaay healthier than I actually am, and I'm pretty sure I'll have no business being there.

But the anti-gravity treadmills sound very intriguing.

If you are a fitness minded person, then maybe working for TB12 is perfect for you.

Here's the jobs Brady and crew are looking to hire.

  • Partnership Director - job is described as building and maintaining a pipeline of relationships with potential partners. Must have business development experience.
  • Body Coach - pretty much a personal trainer by Indeed job description. Must be a licensed physical therapists and/or certified athletic trainers.
  • Acupuncturist - if you know what acupuncture is and are licensed to perform it, now's the time to apply.

If these jobs do seem to apply to you, you can apply for them. Get more details here.

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