Labour childbirth - breathing exercises
Leah-Anne Thompson

TLC has a new reality show that will actually quiz women who are in labor. Seriously.

The show is called "Labor Games" and it is premiering (fittingly enough) just before Mother's Day on May 9th.

Apparently this is a completely real show that according to Variety, "takes the 'Cash Cab' formula to new heights by surprising couples in a hospital delivery room with the chance to win prizes for their baby-to-be."

Now I haven't actually gone through labor yet, but is that really something women want to happen in the delivery room? A camera crew to show up and start quizzing them?

I guess the cash and prizes is enough to make people do anything, cause the show has already taped a few episodes and casting notices are out there looking for more expectant moms to partake in their reality game show.

The video clip of what the show will be like just seems strange to me, but if couples want to sign up for this one, to each their own!

To play parents need to answer seven questions and with each answer they can win prizes like a years worth of diapers, house cleaning services and even a chunk of money for their new baby's college fund.

Look for the first episode of "Labor Games" to premiere on TLC May 9th as part of an entire week of mom-themed programming called "The Mother of All Weeks."

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