If you're joining us for the Bristol County Job & Career Expo and plan on being your best dressed self, why not take advantage of our professional head shot area, too?

There are many reasons why having a professional head shot is a good idea, but mainly, it will upgrade your personal brand on any digital platform you are using such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the email account you have listed on your resumes.

Tips for Getting a Great Head Shot Photo:

  • Make sure that your appearance (outfit, hair, make-up) reflect your career goals.  If there is an 'industry standard' for professionals in your desired field, make sure your look closely matches that.
  • Keep it conservative. Go easy on the makeup and jewelry and remember to keep face hair neatly trimmed or freshly shaven.
  • Practice your facial expressions in the mirror. Find an expression that is comfortable and easily duplicated without being in front of a mirror. remember to keep it confident and not too serious!

We'll have  K. Garcia Productions on site taking head shots from 2:30 - 7:00pm. Photography will end at 7:00p so please arrive by 6:30pm if you wish to have yours taken. The cost for your professional head shot is $10.