Here's an... interesting event for when you're stuck in a pickle thinking of what to do this summer.

Are you a fan of anaerobic fermentation? Do your hobbies include putting foods in brine to soak for weeks on end? Has the recent Jersey Shore reboot made you crave pickles?

If you've answered Yes to any of the previous questions, you're in luck!

The second annual Boston Pickle Fair has been scheduled for Saturday, June 23. As their website indicates, the Boston Pickle Fair celebrates all fermented foods: pickles, kimchi, kraut, and more. The event also includes live music, carnival-style games, food trucks, and beer and pickle pairings.

Personally, I was a little questionable about this event's success. Having a group of pickle lovers meeting in the center of Boston sounds like the beginning of a weird Seth Rogen movie. But when I browsed the website a little longer, the genius of this event dawned on me... Gentlemen, let me set the scene:

It's the end of June and the weather is starting to get hot. Your wife, pregnant with your first child is upset that you two don't get out of the house much anymore. Instead of your typical trip to the movies and burgers at Max's in Dartmouth, you hop on Facebook and see an interesting event with BOTH pickles and beer. It's a match made in heaven. Your amazing wife gets the excitement of hitting the big city with her loved one, enjoying delicious pickled foods and playing ring toss while swaying back and forth to the live music. A cold beer in your hand, you look through the crowd in satisfaction, eating at food trucks until the sun sets on your pickle-filled summer night.

Who knows, you may have such a great time in your brine filled night you name your son after the event. Brian is a good name, and a Vlasic pun (ok, I've gone too far).


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