Sweet dreams are made of cheese, but is Grilled Cheese Fest for real this year?

You may have seen a lot of your friends mark Interested or tag you in the comment section of a supposed Grilled Cheese Fest at Colt State Park.

If it sounds familiar, it's because of last year's viral Grilled Cheese Fest debacle where some friends thought they'd have a picnic with their other friends at Colt State Park, made a Facebook Event page for it and then accidentally let 19,000+ people RSVP.  Cheezus Christ it was a real mess.

The organizers were forced to cancel the event, as one would expect to happen with any large, unpermitted food-fest in a state park.  After people's cheesy dreams were crushed, a few people tried to resurrect the event for a later 2017 date and began to solicit for volunteer help to pull it off.

This is where Grilled Cheese Fest gets a bit weird. People have been actively RSVPing, offering to help and asking appropriate event-related questions for the past 10 months.

The *new, new* event date is now August 25th from 10a-4pm and is now being organized by just two of the former organizers.

The very loose rules of the alleged event are still posted

Bringing food/ingredients is not required, but anything you can bring as far as bread, cheese, etc will be immensely appreciated by everyone in attendance. If you'd like to bring something or help run the event, follow this link: https://goo.gl/iGrzoQ
*** Original idea credited to Joey Botelho ***

There is no mention of how the actual cooking of the grilled cheese will happen but there's a chance it will never need to be addressed because the event will just keep getting pushed back to a new date.

We did reach out with a very vague "So is this thing happening or nah?" but have not heard back. We hope it does happen, however, because these people, as one hopeful guest noted, are truly doing God's work.



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